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Hello to the entire Staff at Dogstown U!

We just want to say THANK YOU for all the fun & education you've given our little Suki. She enjoys her time on Campus SO much!! I love receiving her report cards and pictures you provide to us on a daily basis. It's these extra added details that really set you apart from all the others and really emphasize how much each and every one you put into the care and well being of our precious pooch!

Your facility, by far, outshines all the others. The agility course is amazing and we're SO proud at how well Suki has taken to it with the patient instruction of your staff. Not to mention Suki's perfectly sized sunbathing pool! (She claims it as her own, you know!)

We can go on and on! In essence... You guys are the best! We love you all! And THANK YOU!

Danny, Amanda & Suki Bartels

To All at DTU,

Thank you so much for the wonderful care you give Rocco all year long! We are extremely grateful to Iris & Adam who have made Rocco (and us) comfortable from the very first day and have done so much to accomodate him. Who knew that the dog once known as "Houdini" would ever be comfortable in group play! It is a great feeling to see Rocco so excited in the morning that he paws at the gate to get in. Keep up the great work!


Rocco, Malissa & Tony

Yeah, It's DTU Day!

My name is Daisy and I am a wire-haired terrier. I love my time at "DTU." There is a wonderful and caring staff and great activities. My favorite is Water Play! My mom loves it because she knows I am in good hands and having a great time!

P.S. She also gets the day off :)

Brenda & Daisy

Thank You Dogstown U. for taking such wonderful care of Coco and Lucy! I can truly say that they look forward to their weekly daycare visits and go absolutely bonkers when they get to sleep over. As a parent, I can see the marked improvement in their behavior and discipline since we started coming here on a regular basis. I am so proud of how well they have progressed and I know Dogstown U. has played a major role in their development.

With excitement, I recommend Dogstown U. to anybody looking for a safe, caring and fun environment for their pet either for an exciting day of fun-filled interaction or extended stay.

Coco and Lucy always come home well rested, fed and CLEAN! after their day of fun.

Keep up the fantastic work!

Melissa, Coco and Lucy

To my Dogstown University Family,

Thanks for taking such great care of me. I love coming to play with all of you.

Cali Drowos & Family

I cannot even begin to describe what a wonderful place Dogstown University is. Ella absolutely LOVES the time she spends at Dogstown's daycare. Her excitement when we enter the parking lot is priceless and is a true testimony to how well cared for she is during her time there. She greets Adam, Iris, and the staff as if they are her second family and does not even look back over her shoulder as I leave�such a great feeling to see her excitement. The facility is incredibly clean and well taken care of. The group play areas are wonderful! I think the best part is that they have astro turf instead of cement floors which helps avoid potty confusion for puppies in training�I truly believe this has helped Ella tremendously with her housetraining. I encourage anyone exploring the possibility of taking their dog to Dogstown University to take the time to call or visit. Once you speak with the staff and see it for yourself, you will find yourself asking "when can we start?"

Thank you to everyone at Dogstown for being part of such a special place! While I'm at work, I know Ella is in great hands and having a wonderful time with her Dogstown family!

Janelle & Ella

Dear Dogstown University,

We appreciate the wonderful care that you provide for Moses. Leaving Moses in your loving care is one thing we never worry about when having to go away. Thank you.


Moses the Daschund, Marcy and Victor

Dear Dogstown University,

It is unbelievable that one year has passed since Teddy Bear has been coming to Dogstown University. With their guidance, training, care, love and understanding Teddy has turned into a well trained, caring dog. DTU's understanding of all dogs needs and care giving helps put us "Moms & Dads" at ease.

Ronnie Rubin & Teddy Bear

Dear Dogstown University,

I can't say enough Good Things about Adam, Iris & Barbara and the Tender Loving Care they have given Jason & Moose at Dogstown. I would Never Board Before because I didn't want them to be Alone Overnight. At Dogstown you know they're Never Alone. It's a Great Place to take your "Best Friend" whether its for the Day Care or the Boarding. Jason & Moose know when we head for the Car where we're going & they can hardly contain themselves until we get there.

Susan, Moose & Jason

Dear Dogstown University,

To the Administration and Staff:
We would like to thank the entire staff of Dogstown University for helping to bring AJ our beloved beagle out of his shell and making him a complete dog.

The friendliness, and the cleanliness and the professionalism of Dogstown University are second to none.

Again, thank you,

Arnold and Joann Alpert

Dear Dogstown University,

Dogstown University understands the needs of both the dog and their family. I know, for my pet is not only my service dog (In training) but family as well. My husband wants to believe she is also his pet because of all the love she gives us. Thankfully, Dogstown University understands her role as a service dog that assists me with my health issues. They helped me find her current trainer and she has become the perfect assistant for me.

I am very grateful for their smiles and understanding of my situation. They truly love animals and you can rest assured that your pet will be happy and safe at Dogstown University.

Helene and Samantha

Dear Adam, Iris, Barbara & the entire staff at DTU,

My family and I are very appreciative the way you screen your applicants and make sure that everyone is in good health. (Proper immunizations, spayed and neutered and using a flea and tick medication)In addition, the facility is VERY CLEAN, COMFORTABLE and SAFE! These are just two of the MANY REASONS why our family LOVES DOGSTOWN UNIVERSITY!!

It is a GREAT FEELING to know that when you drop off your baby she is in VERY GOOD HANDS. The entire staff is very caring, nurturing and knowledgeable. It is also VERY COMFORTING to know that our MALKAH (Boxer) and her friends are always TREATED as if they were their own pets!!!

MALKAH LOVES HER PLAY GROUPS on Tuesdays and Thursdays!! She can't wait to jump out of the car and run inside to play with her friends. She is particularly fond of playing hide and seek in the tunnel and the agility course!! Malkah also LOVES her HANDLERS!! She told me that they LOVE HER TOO!! WE LOVE READING MALKAH'S REPORT CARDS!! Reading report cards are a regular part of our family dinner conversations on every Tuesday and Thursday evening. It makes us feel as if we are a part of her daycare experiences and we love to learn about her friends and handlers.

MALKAH has had several opportunities to BOARD at DOGSTOWN UNIVERSITY and each one has been VERY SUCCESSFUL!! MALKAH'S last extended visit was for eight nights and she had a FABULOUS TIME!! She was SO HAPPY to be with her friends and handlers and to PLAY continuously!! She is SO COMFORTABLE at DOGSTOWN UNIVERSITY and LOVES the ENTIRE STAFF. We truly believe it is the BEST PLACE for our little girl!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING SUCH GREAT CARE OF MALKAH!!!

Ilene, Jan, Heather & Malkah

Dogstown University
1807 South Powerline Road Suite B-109 Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442
Phone: 954-422-5764
Author: Dogstown University