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Q. What is Dog Daycare?
A. Doggie daycare is a fun and educational alternative to leaving your pet home alone. It is a supervised, social environment for healthy dogs to interact, exercise and learn from one another.

Q. How will Daycare help my dog?
A. We understand dogs and their need to exercise and socialize. Boredom and lack of stimulation can lead to destructive behavior such as chewing, licking, digging or barking. Structured play keeps a dog's body and mind active resulting in a healthier, happier, well-balanced pet. Socialization, another major benefit of dog daycare, is paramount to the integration of a dog in social settings. A well socialized dog is less likely to be aggressive towards other dogs and people.

Q. Can I watch my dog's progress at DTU?
A. Yes. We provide you with peace of mind by encouraging you to take advantage of our 24-hour live-streaming doggie cam. Our sophisticated system includes 16 live-streaming videos that capture every facet of your dog's day.

Q. Is anyone directly supervising my dog's activity?
A. Yes. One or more of our professional instructor team is always directly interacting with the dogs, not just watching from outside.

Q. Does anyone stay overnight on Campus?
A. Yes. At Dogstown University you can be assured that our campus is supervised 24 hours a day, seven days a week by one of the DTU owners.

Q. Do I have to bring my dog's toys each visit?
A. Stimulating toys and fresh, clean bedding are always provided for your pet. Should your dog prefer a special toy from home, you can certainly bring it with you.

Q. How do you work mealtime?
A. Bring your dog's food and we will provide meals as you request. We even hand-feed meals if necessary.

Q. Is my small dog kept separate from the larger species?
A. Absolutely. To ensure the safety of our students, all playgroups are divided into separate play areas for small and large dogs.

Q. What if I have an older or special needs dog?
A. At DTU we provide quieter environments for shy and geriatric dogs and will pay special attention to other dogs with special needs and can provide private play time, as well.

Q. Can you help me exercise my overweight dog?
A. Yes. Supervised private treadmill workouts can be integrated into a doggie daycare to assist in a weight-loss routine.

Q. What if my dog requires medication?
A. Our competent staff will administer any medications as often as needed.

Dogstown University
1807 South Powerline Road Suite B-109 Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442
Phone: 954-422-5764
Author: Dogstown University