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NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS - The Best Selection for Your Pet's Needs!

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At Dogstown University we only stock grade-A products in our new Campus Store. Here you'll find items you need, things you may want and lots of accessories that are just for the fun of it - right at your fingertips.

Every product we sell has been tested and used by our instructor team to assure its value, safety and quality. Only after it has received the DTU Seal of Approval do we make it available for you to use with your pet.

We're always adding new items - from unique toys to new collar styles - that stand apart because of design innovations or other exceptional qualities. If you're looking for something special, be sure to ask Adam, Iris or any of our trainers for their expert opinion about what might be best for the dog you love.

And when it's time for doggie celebrations, our Campus Store is the perfect resource for finding just the right gift to brighten your pooch's day!

Dogstown University
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