April 1995 - December 2008
Timber was the first dog to come into my life through my daughter, who helped bring her into the world while away at college. I††fell in love with†her instantly†and became a passionate dog lover from that moment on.

Timber was a beautiful husky shepherd with exquisite markings. She had a heart right between her eyes and the cutest floppy ears. She had a graceful gait and loved to prance and play. In her early years, she enjoyed hiking in the mountains, running along side a mountain bike and bounding through the snow in the back country of Colorado with my daughter. In her later years Timber moved back to Florida with my daughter. She was a loyal companion who brought many years†of joy and undconditional love to all of our lives.

On December 15, 2008 it was Timber's time to leave us†and become an angel. It was the most difficult decision my daughter ever had to make, but also the last gift she could give to her beloved pet. We all had a lifetime of wonderful memories with Timber. She left her imprint on every one in the family and changed all our lives in countless and significant ways. We will be forever grateful to her for this as well as her unconditional love.

Timber is sadly missed, but †lives on as the†inspiration†for Dogstown University. We will remember her endearing qualities always--and will†forever keep her in our hearts.

In Loving Memory,
Grandma Iris